Pounds Towing & Roadside Assistance

NEW Service Tracker!

We are very excited to announce a new feature to better improve our customer service. We will still call you as always when we are heading to assist you, but there is an additional feature we are able to offer now, Live Updates. With our digital dispatch system we now have the ability to provide […]

We Need Your Help!

          Due to the COVID-19 pandemic our expenses have risen to keep our operators and tow trucks going. Unfortunately, our current work volume is low due to less travelling. Which means less work and no way to keep our operational expenses covered entirely. (We’re doing the best we can)     […]

New Phone System

Hey Ya’ll! Hope everyone is doing okay during the mess that is going on in the world right now. Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers. Just a little heads up if you don’t already know we have updated our phone system to better serve our customers such as you. When you call in now […]

Happy St Patty’s Day

We’d like to wish you all a “Happy Saint Patricks Day”! Everyone is Irish and Lucky on St Pattys Day. Be sure to follow these rules when partying so it’s safe and fun: Poor Judgment & Decision Making As you might have heard before, alcohol plays a huge role in clouding judgement. Alcohol can impair […]

Coronavirus Outbreak

Over the last few days the Governor of North Carolina has closed all public schools and declared a State of Emergency. President Donald Trump also declared a Nation Emergency as well due to the coronavirus outbreak. Below we have a safety poster provided to the public from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). If you […]

Safer Communications

We have been researching for the last year to see how we can perform our duties safer and have safer practices for our team! After going through years of studies and the industry standards of cb radios, vhf/uhf radios, etc we decided to partner with Amerizon Wireless to provide a system for us using Motorola […]

2020 Blooddrive with WCCG 104.5

We were asked this year by Bob’s morning show to sponsor the radio event in March with 104.5 in association with RedCross for a call-to-action with the community as blood donations are at an all time low. We were also awarded another certificate from WCCG 104.5 for participation in making a difference in our community! […]

Shoutout on MIX 101.5 WRAL

Thanks to Tyler for helping out Doug of 101.5 in Fuquay-Varina for getting his vehicle started to make it just in time to start the show! Check out the video below to here us on the radio!


We’ve been keeping a secret the last few months as we have had some REALLY big news to share, but we will get to that shortly. I’m sure most of you know 2020 will be our five years in business. Most know more than others, but we had a rough start at it. We went […]

Santa Came to Visit!

Santa and Us had a great time together in the Annual Coats Christmas Parade this year! We hope to see you again next year!   We would like to thank every one that has supported us the last four years. We strive to make a difference in our communities and the industry we are in. […]

Just like your grandpa used to tow!

We use different types of trucks and utilize them to the max. Here we towed a 50s Chevy 6500 with LR30 using the sling-tow method. If you don’t know what the sling-tow method is you’re about to find out in a simple way. The sling-tow method has been around since the tow truck was first […]