Payment Terms, Policies, and Requirements

We offer multiple ways to pay your invoice, but we have requirements and stipulations with all payment methods that must be followed.

Payment Methods Accepted: 

  1. Personal Checks (Valid DL or State ID will be documented along with current mailing/billing address) *not available for all
  2. Business Checks
  3. AMEX, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and CashApp 
  4. EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer via Bank)
  5. Cash
Personal or Business check(s) must include invoice or reference number for payments to be applied appropriately and accurately.  If business check(s) are received late but is post marked  by the Postal Office the day of the due date invoice will not incur late fees or charges. Fees or Charges will only be added if business check(s) bounce and will result in legal action. 

Credit/Debit Payment Fees & Charges:

A 4% Credit/Debit charge will be additional to all credit/debit payment methods including Apple Pay and CashApp. The charges and fess that are collected is not more or less than what it costs to process the payment. 

Credit/Debit Requirements: 

To process credit/debit payments it is required that the card being used must match the identity on your state issued ID or Drivers License. Your state issued ID or Drivers License will be recorded and documented.

Late Fees & Charges

For invoices that are late there will be additional charges. Any and all discounts that were given will be voided and no longer applicable to your past due invoices. A total of 15% of your invoice total will be added as a result to a past due invoice no later than 14 days after date service was performed. 

Invoices exceeding 30 days past due will incur an additional 15% late fee of your original invoices past due amount. 

Commercial Payments & Accounts

Commercial entitites without a signed commercial contract for an internal Pounds Towing Account* including but not limited to emergency storm response, insurance request, etc will be alotted 14 days automaticallyin total to remit payment. After 14 days all payments will be considered late therefore invoking late fees & charges to the invoice. 

* A Pounds Towing account is a signed contract/written agreement for terms and conditions.

Legal Penalties

Any invoices resulting in legal action will be charged with the full extent of the law at our offices operating jurisdiction. Meaning since our office is located in Johnston County, North Carolina legal action will be sought at the County Court House located in Smithfield, North Carolina. 

If you have any questions regarding your invoice(s) you may email and you must include a reference or invoice number regarding the invoice issue so that we may assist you.