Pounds Towing & Roadside Assistance

We have been researching for the last year to see how we can perform our duties safer and have safer practices for our team!

After going through years of studies and the industry standards of cb radios, vhf/uhf radios, etc we decided to partner with Amerizon Wireless to provide a system for us using Motorola Radio products.

We will have a digital dispatch system where our staff can view data and communicate through the computer verbally to drivers and the team and dispatch amongst themselves with also the opportunity to record communications as well if needed.

Our team will also be able to communicate with staff without digging through their phone while driving or on the side of the road minimizing safety risks with a PTT RADIO.

Doing so hopefully reduces the risk and quicker response with providing better communication abilities.

No need to worry of being in range as these will be digital, so no large antennas or amplifiers which also reduces impact to the environment by using less power. These radios will be backed by Verizons Wireless Network so we’ll have NATIONWIDE coverage