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We’d like to wish you all a “Happy Saint Patricks Day”!

Everyone is Irish and Lucky on St Pattys Day. Be sure to follow these rules when partying so it’s safe and fun:

Poor Judgment & Decision Making

As you might have heard before, alcohol plays a huge role in clouding judgement. Alcohol can impair your judgment to the point that you make bad decisions that you would not otherwise make, and would regret in the morning or when you sober up.

Slowed Reaction Time & Lack of Coordination

Having alcohol in your system will cause your body to react more slowly to certain situations. Since your reaction time is slowed, it will increase the likelihood of an accident because you won’t be able to respond to something happening as quickly as you would if you were sober.

Decreased Vision

Being able to see clearly is massively important, and excessive alcohol consumption can cause problems with your vision. Drinking may cause your vision to blur, or cause your eyes to move on their own. You may even partially lose control over your eye movement.

As always have fun and enjoy yourself!