Pounds Towing & Roadside Assistance

We’ve been keeping a secret the last few months as we have had some REALLY big news to share, but we will get to that shortly.

I’m sure most of you know 2020 will be our five years in business. Most know more than others, but we had a rough start at it. We went from a truck and trailer to a tow truck. Used to everyone would see us roll by in our 1985 GMC 3500 Flatbed. Now we have grown from one truck to 6 trucks in our fleet.

Over the years we have offered roadside assistance and in the beginning we used to do mobile auto repair as well. We’re getting back to our roots and growing.

So without further more, we are opening up a auto repair shop and relocating our towing business out of Coats and into our new location near McGees Crossroads area!

As it gets closer to the New Year we will announce our opening date!