Pounds Towing & Roadside Assistance

We use different types of trucks and utilize them to the max. Here we towed a 50s Chevy 6500 with LR30 using the sling-tow method. If you don’t know what the sling-tow method is you’re about to find out in a simple way.

The sling-tow method has been around since the tow truck was first thought of way back when.

Simply put tow trucks in the good old days were mechanical trucks, which means there was no hydraulic systems involved. It was chain and cable operated. Before they were chain and cable operated there were hand crank methods as well before chain driven units were developed.

How it was done is whether it was a single cable or twin line cable a sling is used to tow vehicles via chain and sling straps. I know it’s hard to see them in the picture provided, but we will get into the sling-tow method in depth at another time.

Hope you enjoyed this old antique 50s Chevy 6500 flatbed!